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08 Jun: Let’s Unzip your growth!

As a service-based business, it is so important that our clients know who we are and what we stand for before investing in us. That’s why I have created a short video for you to hear about; our mission, our values and our services.

Click the link to watch in full.

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01 Jun: Let’s celebrate success and learn how to grow.

As a fashion consultant, I think it is extremely important to talk about your successes in both life and your career. It takes courage to do this, but practice makes perfect. If you learn to talk about and celebrate your successes, it will help you to grow as an individual and strengthen your position within the fashion industry. 

I wish to share with you some of my career successes.

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04 May: A fashion consultant’s view on what the new world of retail will look like.

COVID-19 has accelerated the inevitable. Ecommerce is now the chosen method for most shoppers to purchase goods globally and the demand is set to increase.

In this article, I will focus on giving you my fashion consultant’s tips to improve your digital store. I will focus on future sales methods of your product, and the evolution of your brand into the new world of digital retail.


03 Dec: What to prepare ahead of a fashion consultant appointment?

I would encourage you, the brand, to work through the topics in this post first, to ensure that you are clear on exactly what you want so that you can convey this message clearly to the consultant in your first appointment.

This advice stands for any type of appointment. Coming prepared will save you time and money and deliver a faster result.