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01 Sep: How to bootstrap your fashion brand.

Since COVID, it is less certain how easy it will be for new fashion brands to gain investment. That is why bootstrapping is the buzz word in the world of entrepreneurship.

As a fashion consultant, I help numerous fashion brands launch their businesses online. I have seen and learnt how many successfully bootstrapped their eCommerce business. Read on to discover the methods they used and benefit from their experience.

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08 Jun: How to launch a fashion brand online.

Choosing to launch your own fashion brand online may be one of the most exciting decisions you make in your career.

I have supported numerous fashion entrepreneurs to realise their dream by following this 6 step process. These steps are designed to take you from idea validation through to online launch, it’s that simple.

You can be your own boss. You can realise your dream. You can launch your fashion brand online. Read on to learn how.

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02 Jun: How to source effectively.

A barrier many new fashion brands face is how to source their material and find a reputable manufacturer.

It can be a problem knowing where to start when working in the globalised fashion industry with a vast amount of possible suppliers. In this blog post, I aim to help resolve this problem and give you the tools in which to effectively source and produce your range. I will not only give you advice but direct recommendations.

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27 Apr: To successfully launch a fashion brand online, you must follow these 5 criteria.

In this post, I will explain the specific eCommerce criteria within each planning process that I have implemented during the past 8+ years. I have worked with both UK & Australian brands to launch their businesses onto the global market using platforms such as ASOS, Zalando, Nordstorm, Zalora, The Iconic. This experience means I know what a fashion brand needs to consider before launching onto the market.


13 Apr: The top 3 channels a fashion brand must launch on.

If you want to become a global fashion brand, you must launch your product on more than one channel. The greater the reach, the greater the exposure; the strength of your product will sell your stock, and you will gain new customers with a global following.

There are 3 main channels a new fashion brand should use to launch, ideally in the first year. This is because they are the best way to launch your product globally plus you will learn very quickly where your product sells; who your global customer is. This will mean that the next range can be adapted and created for your target customer.