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7 questions to consider when buying an online course.

21 Apr: 7 questions to consider when buying an online course

Buying an online course is like a minefield right?

You have to navigate through; Which course platform do you choose Udemy or Coursera? Which course topic is actually right for you? Which teachers do you think has the most relevant experience and does their teaching style suit you?

Let me walk you through 7 questions that will make the selection process a lot easier, with the end result being an online course and teacher that suits your needs.

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09 Nov: Financial planning for fashion startups explained. An interview with Justin Gauci.

This weeks interview was with Justin Gauci, founder and lead consultant of Blue Horizon Consultancy. A consultancy that is focused on business analysis for a wide range of industries. Justin discusses financial planning for fashion startups; by the end of this interview, we promise that you will feel at ease with this task!

Justin has worked in finance for 10+ years and most recently launched his own digital business. He will call on all of these experiences in this interview.

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07 Oct: Why do fashion brands need a business plan?

Every business needs to have a written business plan, whether it’s to provide direction or attract investors. A business plan is vital for the success of your organization.

I truly believe that why fashion brands need a business plan is to translate their creative vision into a brand. Read on to know how to write an effective and successful business.