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13 Apr: The top 3 channels a fashion brand must launch on.

If you want to become a global fashion brand, you must launch your product on more than one channel. The greater the reach, the greater the exposure; the strength of your product will sell your stock, and you will gain new customers with a global following.

There are 3 main channels a new fashion brand should use to launch, ideally in the first year. This is because they are the best way to launch your product globally plus you will learn very quickly where your product sells; who your global customer is. This will mean that the next range can be adapted and created for your target customer.

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07 Jan: Top 5 fashion consultant tips for fashion brands.

You need to know these top 5 tips in which to grow your brand in today’s challenging climate.

I have built my consultancy up of nearly 20 years of retail experience and 10 years of fashion eCommerce experience, helping numerous brands grow globally. Making these tips really valuable to you. They are tried and tested methods, ready for you to adopt.