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Fashion insights - Fashion Wholesale Pricing Rules
17 May: Fashion Wholesale Pricing Rules

If you’re looking at wholesaling your fashion brand you will have no doubt been told to follow mark-up (MU) 2 -3. So what does that actually mean? And will you make a profit if you follow this ‘rule’?

Continue reading to learn how you should price your wholesale range.

Fashion insights - SS22 wholesale planning season
27 Apr: How to pitch your fashion brand to wholesale platforms

Would you say that summer is your brands strongest season? And are you currently looking to expand sell your fashion brand via more sales channels globally? Then this blog post is for you.

You will learn exactly what you need to prepare ahead of a wholesale pitch and the exact timings you need to follow to ensure you succeed.

Fashion insights - Do you really know who your audience is?
22 Apr: Do you really know who your audience is?

Knowing who your target audience is isn’t a one-off job that you complete when you first launch your fashion brand. It is a task that you need to re-run seasonally as a minimum to build an effective, targetted collection strategy.

Within this week’s blog we will give you the exact questions you need to ask to discover who your real audience is …

7 questions to consider when buying an online course.
21 Apr: 7 questions to consider when buying an online course

Buying an online course is like a minefield right?

You have to navigate through; Which course platform do you choose Udemy or Coursera? Which course topic is actually right for you? Which teachers do you think has the most relevant experience and does their teaching style suit you?

Let me walk you through 7 questions that will make the selection process a lot easier, with the end result being an online course and teacher that suits your needs.

9 upselling tips for your fashion brand
22 Mar: 9 upselling tips for your fashion brand

Did you know …

That selling to an existing customer will be cheaper, faster, with a higher conversion than trying to attract new ones? On top of that, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, whereas selling to a new customer is much lower?

In this week’s blog post we are sharing 9 upselling techniques that you can implement today to target your existing customer base.