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01 Sep: How to bootstrap your fashion brand.

Since COVID, it is less certain how easy it will be for new fashion brands to gain investment. That is why bootstrapping is the buzz word in the world of entrepreneurship.

As a fashion consultant, I help numerous fashion brands launch their businesses online. I have seen and learnt how many successfully bootstrapped their eCommerce business. Read on to discover the methods they used and benefit from their experience.

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25 Aug: 8 biggest mistakes fashion brands make.

Are you ready to learn what mistakes not to make?

This post isn’t about just listing the most common mistakes fashion brands make, it’s about guiding you on how to not make these same mistakes giving you the solutions on how to successfully launch your fashion business.

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28 Jul: 5 tips on how to improve your fashion website CX.

Improving your fashion website customer experience (CX) should be a continual cycle. To effectively improve your website CX you need to always be listening to your customer data and acting on it. The key benefit of operating your own DTC website is that you directly own your customer data, and it is yours to learn from and improve your brands CX.