Carley Johnson

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22 Oct: 12 newsletters fashion brands should be sending.

Most fashion brands customer journey starts with purchase. So what’s next? How should you be keeping that customer engaged and in love with your brand?

We believe emails are as precious as diamonds! You should keep them stored somewhere safe and look after them for life! Never forget your customer journey is yours to shape, read on to learn what are the 12 newsletters fashion brands should be sending.


14 Oct: Negotiation tips for fashion brands.

I strongly believe that a good negotiator is someone who applies solid negotiation skills to a wealth of product knowledge.

In this blog post, I will call on lessons from Chris Voss a lead negotiator for the FBI, as well as, my 8+ years direct experience negotiating new wholesale & marketplace accounts for New Look and Forever New.

TKD Lingerie

13 Oct: Understand what it takes to run a boutique store. An interview with Kate Kikano.

This weeks interview was with Kate Kikano founder of TKD Lingerie, a lingerie and swimwear brand specialising in D+ cup collections, that is based in the Middle East.

Kate talks through how she managed to launch her own boutique business with no previous retail experience aside from a solid background in optometry customer service. She covers key topics like; recruitment and the importance of having a team, brand values and why brands should consider launching eCommerce platform to support store sales.

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07 Oct: Why do fashion brands need a business plan?

Every business needs to have a written business plan, whether it’s to provide direction or attract investors. A business plan is vital for the success of your organization.

I truly believe that why fashion brands need a business plan is to translate their creative vision into a brand. Read on to know how to write an effective and successful business.

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01 Sep: How to bootstrap your fashion brand.

Since COVID, it is less certain how easy it will be for new fashion brands to gain investment. That is why bootstrapping is the buzz word in the world of entrepreneurship.

As a fashion consultant, I help numerous fashion brands launch their businesses online. I have seen and learnt how many successfully bootstrapped their eCommerce business. Read on to discover the methods they used and benefit from their experience.

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25 Aug: 8 biggest mistakes fashion brands make.

Are you ready to learn what mistakes not to make?

This post isn’t about just listing the most common mistakes fashion brands make, it’s about guiding you on how to not make these same mistakes giving you the solutions on how to successfully launch your fashion business.